Ordering Prints From Your Pixieset Gallery

When I was deciding what I wanted to do to take my business to the next level, I decided that hosting client galleries with Pixieset would be the best thing. It’s clean and simple, easy to navigate, and you can favorite, share, download, and even order professional prints directly through your gallery!

The images are professionally printed through my lab, White House Custom Color, and there are tons of options, from wallet sized prints to huge prints, and even various sizes of CANVASES can be ordered directly from your gallery! Isn’t that awesome?

Here’s a little tutorial on how to order your prints:

Step 1: Go to your Gallery and choose the photo(s) you would like to order.


Step 2: Select the photo(s) and click the Buy Photo button


Step 3: Choose the size(s) and quantities of your photo(s). You can add as many or as few as you’d like.


Step 4: When you have finished adding the images, you can either keep shopping for more, or view cart to head to check out.


Step 5: Enter your Billing and Shipping information. Once completed, voila! You will get an order confirmation!


And that, my friends, is how you easily purchase professional prints from your very own gallery! Anyone can do this from their computer, so share away with your family and friends! It’s quick, easy, and affordable! To view the galleries, please visit: swanphotography.pixieset.com

I hope you’re having a great (and late) Friday night! May your weekend be fantastic!


I am new to Pixieset, as a photographer, and I am still trying to figure out all the details. However, I was shocked when I saw the price difference between my photos and yours. For example, Pixieset is charging my clients $19.00 for an 8×12 print, and it looks like an 8×12 print from your gallery is a little less than $5. I believe I have the same lab fulfilling my orders (White House Custom Color or WHCC?). Do you know what might be causing the price difference?

Hi, Kathryn!

The lab I fulfill with is ProDPI through Pixieset and I have created a custom price sheet. I can set my own prices and markup as I see fit. You should be able to do the same! Simply create a new price sheet for your galleries. Just don’t forget, when you publish your galleries, make sure on the “Store” tab that the correct lab/price sheet is selected! I hope this helped.
-Beth, Swan Photography

Brooke Hilgenberg

How do I set up my Pixieset account so that my clients can purchase their photos?

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